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Quality INDUSTRIAL-MAN Brand on machined cnc 3d

Quality INDUSTRIAL-MAN Brand on machined cnc 3d
  • Quality INDUSTRIAL-MAN Brand on machined cnc 3d
  • Quality INDUSTRIAL-MAN Brand on machined cnc 3d

Quality INDUSTRIAL-MAN Brand on machined cnc 3d

Machining Method
CNC Machining
Surface finish
Polishing, painting
Min order
1 pcs
Working day
about 7 days
1 piece
50% when place order+50% before delivery
Delivery time
1 weeek also
Color of material
Color of material:natural;white;black;transparent;
Surface treatment
painting;chrome plating;slik screen;polish;highly polished etc
Company Advantages
1. The cnc 3d facility can cnc precision and you can specify cnc production.The full-sized replica is provided in order to verify the dimensions, overall impression, and shapes
2. It is of great importance for INDUSTRIAL-MAN to provide exquisite customer service. INDUSTRIAL-MAN prototypes and parts have high mechanical and thermal resistance
3. Developed in modern design, INDUSTRIAL-MAN cnc engineering are resistant to cnc plastic and last for long time. CNC Machining service is a fast way to make prototypes in real plastic and metal materials.
4. The wide variety of materials and post-processing options are provided by INDUSTRIAL-MAN. Our products are appreciated by its cnc technology,cnc cutting service.
5. It is in our own best interests from a manufacturing efficiency and a future business point of view to design custom machining. Mold-Tech and VDI finish on INDUSTRIAL-MAN metal and plastic parts can be provided

CNC is a program controlled automation machine.

The control system can logically process the program with the control code or other symbol instruction, decode it by the computer, so that the machine can perform the prescribed action, and cut the blank into semi-finished finished parts by cutting the tool. CNC processing out of the sample size, high strength, good toughness, low cost advantages, has become the preferred sample production of high strength, good toughness, low cost advantages, has become the first choice for sample production.

Our high seed precision CNC Milling and turning services are perfect for both one off prototypes and low mass volume production runs. We machined parts from many different plasticn and metal materials on our staste of the art machining finishes available CNC Machining is a very verssatile option. Fast, accurat and competitively priced whilst delivering superior surface finishes from a massive range of material options, CNC Machining is the backbone of INDUSTRI-MAN'S sevices.

Car prototype production process

◆  Program editing:

Program editing is divided into data analysis and tool path programming. When an order is to be produced, the engineer first analyzes the data, and according to the material, overall size, and process requirements of the part, the processing method and the part are properly selected.

◆  CNC machining:

After the data analysis is completed, the programmer will program the tool path for the part. We provide two programming softwares, UG and MasterCam.After the tool path is programmed, it is sent to the CNC machining center for CNC milling. The CNC operator processes the product according to the programming parameters.

◆  Assembly:

Assembly includes (manual clearing, splitting, product assembly, etc.)

◆  After the part completes the CNC machining

the manual master processes the parts according to the 3D data to meet the assembly requirements and tolerances.

◆  Polish:

After the assembly work is completed, the parts are polished to different degrees according to different processes (such as plating parts, transparent parts, high-gloss parts, etc.).

◆  Coloring:

The coloring includes a series of post-treatment processes such as oil injection, water transfer printing, coating, electroplating, and laser engraving. After the parts are polished, the professional processes according to the process requirements.

◆  Quality inspection

After all the process is finished, the product inspection and color proofing are carried out by the professional quality inspectors. The inspection tools include calipers, three coordinates, inspection tools and other professional inspection tools.

Company Features
1. There are many successful cooperation cases with for our cnc 3d. - cnc engineering is developed using latest technology support for cnc precision.
2. invests a lot in technology of cnc technology.
3. INDUSTRIAL-MAN has made some breakthroughs in improving quality of the custom machining. - Relentless pursuit of quality excellence is significant to . Get price!
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